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Our neighbourhood

Christchurch should be on your map again - the re-build is looking fantastic. It'll soon be THE city to hang out in. Foley Towers is in a great location close to the city centre. We're located in a lovely spot beside the Avon River. It's a really nice, short  walk into the centre of the city  along with river with its iconic poplar trees, past the new Margaret Mahy playground, and down New Regent Street which is renowned for its old Christchurch charm. Don't miss Casa Publica for delicious guacamole made right at your table and Rollicking Gelato for a huge selection of enticing ice-cream.


Lyttelton Harbour
Margaret Mahy Playground.jpg

We're just across the road from Piko Wholefoods - this very attractive store has a wonderful selection of delicious food, wholefoods, fruit and veges and basic supplies. We love the the Bellbird Bakery pastries, but it's their bread that our guests rave about - even the Germans approve!  

There are three local cafes to choose from: Beat Street, Monks and Little Poms. Our local pub is Pomeroys. It's perfect for a pint of boutique beer. 

Just a short bus ride away you'll find mountain biking, zip-lining, beach walking, rock climbing and hill walking. The views from the top of the Port Hills are superb.  In one direction you can see the expanse of the Canterbury Plains, the Southern Alps and the long curve of Pegasus Bay. On the other side is the start of Banks Peninsula, the lovely Port of Lyttelton nestled in the harbour which was once the crater of a volcano.  

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